Diversity in everyday's life

Diversiflora International is a non-governmental organization funded in France in 2013.
It aims to promote natural and cultural diversity in all human activities.


The objectives of Diversiflora International

Diversiflora International  has the following objectives:
·       to strengthen the integration of natural and cultural diversity in all areas of human activity, taking into account economic and social dimensions,
·       to promote the conservation of biodiversity and local knowledge for present and future generations,
·       to support the design and preservation of multi-functional landscapes, rich in biodiversity and local character,
·       to contribute to the formalizing rights to cultural difference, protection of knowledge and local varieties, and a fair sharing of the earth,
·       to encourage new forms of governance and social mobilization, thereby enhancing natural and cultural diversity.
Diversiflora aims to unite those who want to work towards one or more of these objectives, whether for ethical, scientific or cultural motivations. The association is independent of political, religious or economic interest. It operates at both an international level and in other areas where it can help to defend its stated interests.

The Association takes initiatives to act in favor of the interests and objectives outlined above. It can take a number of actions, within local laws and regulations, in particular:
·       multi-stakeholder dialogue and other forms of mediation, awareness, training consultation, facilitation and public debate,
·       provide research expertise, including field studies, evaluations and publications to further its own interest or on behalf of individuals or companies,
·       advocating for proposals that influence public and private decision-makers,
·       providing support for creating and conserving areas favorable for biological and cultural diversity,
·       participating in actions lead by public or private, national or international organizations, that are interested in synergies between human societies and diversity of life,
·       preparing and implementing strategic documents that enable the enhancement of natural and cultural diversity.